South Western Rail Network to implement ‘5G-rail’

South Western Rail Network to implement ‘5G-rail’

The rail industry is looking forward to the end of lockdown for the return of customers and commuters under government guidelines.

The South Western rail network has taken into consideration ways to get people back to connect through, offering ‘rail 5G.’ This is a unique opportunity giving customers the best experience as possible as well; as improving connectivity for rail infrastructure.

Rail-5G is designed to work on existing infrastructure with future deployments to be self-powered through solar and wind energy, they have the ambition of becoming the world’s first carbon neutral communications system by 2025. Rail-5G is an environmentally friendly service that requires a fraction of the power of mobile 4G or 5G however, communicates data 100 times faster than mobile 4G.

“Unlike mobile systems, rail-5G benefits from being designed by railway experts specifically for the railways. The increased bandwidth will, for the first time, provide a significantly improved customer experience for passengers who will now be able to use high-definition video streaming, access office applications, participate in 3D gaming and browse at high speeds, just as they would at home – even when their train is in a tunnel.” (Simon Holmes, 2021)


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