Sequential Dynamics Head Office

Sequential Dynamics Head Office

The future starts here.

Key Points

At Sequential Dynamics we are electrifying the future and aligning this with our values. To align our goals and values with the business needs we decided to offer EV chargers for our staff and visitors to persuade them to go electric, keeping in line with the government 25-year environment plan and ISO 14001 with an effective environmental management system.

  • Future proof the facility in order to have perversion of switching to an electric fleet, bypassing ISO 140001 expectations of effective environmental management.
  • The project consisted of a 2x 7.2kW Pedestal EV Charging Unit dual socketed at the front of the premise. 
  • Monitoring system enabled to monitor Sequential Dynamics usage of the EV chargers to see how many staff converted to a green mode of transport.

Project Overview

With Sequential Dynamics being long recognised for its electrical mechanical history being a leader in sustainability it was only right that we install EV chargers at our head office. Doing this not only provides incentives for staff to go green but future proofs the site for provisions to switching to an electric fleet. 

As part of the work of fitting two dual socketed EV Chargers to accommodate 4 EVs, the site was upgraded to accommodate additional charge points ready for switching to an electric fleet. Doing this now minimises any future disruptions.

Finally, Sequential dynamics wanted to offer the most simple form of charging using a ‘plug and play’ option for its staff saving time with RFID cards.


The biggest challenge was future-proofing the office with a large enough electrical supply for a fully operational electric fleet. Another hurdle was organising with site staff, contractors and suppliers who regularly use the car park throughout the day of the work being carried out and arranging alternative parking suitable for the business.


With ourselves being a leader in the renewable electrical engineering sector, upgrading the office to house a large enough electrical supply, for future EV chargers was made simple with the in-house dedicated team.

Constructing future-proof infrastructure that distributes power across each charge-point ensuring that the electricity capacity is never exceeded was one of the main priorities for our in-house team. Doing this cuts future costs by removing the need for further site surveys and reduces the complexity of EV charge-points installations and cuts down the amount of cabling required.

The Results

Completing 2x 7.2kW Pedestal EV Charging Unit dual socketed units before the allocated time allowing staff and visitors to become carbon neutral earlier than planned.

Sequential Dynamics was able to complete the installation in just two weeks, during which the car park remained open. Using the integrated back-office system we can monitor EV charge points usage and control the access. Monitoring utilisation levels is an excellent indicator of when more charge points are required.

Additionally, Sequential Dynamics was able to receive part funding using the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) Workplace Charging Scheme. Under the Workplace Charging Scheme, the cost and installation of up to 40 sockets can be reduced by up to £14,000, up to a maximum of £350 per socket.

Project Showcase

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