Kitting & Manufacturing

Kitting & Manufacturing

Our Kitting and manufacturing involves organizing and assembling parts used in manufacturing products into bundles to deliver to the point of use


At Sequential Rail we recognise that the procurement of the correct materials and equipment is the basis from which a project can grow. Vital to a project’s success is also a competent supplier who can assemble the components in order to create the right kit.

Working within our 12,000 sq. ft facility situated in Doncaster, we offer a complete turn-key solution for the procurement, manufacture, and assembly of components. We work with our customers using their bill of materials (BOM) or working to design drawings to produce fully assembled specific kits

Quality is assured as all our work is tested in accordance with our customers’ requirements using our fully accredited ISO 9001 quality management system.

High quality, competitively priced with a flexible and reliable service


  • Sub assemblies
  • Cable assemblies
  • Wiring looms
  • High performance coax assemblies
  • Network cabling assemblies
  • Distribution boxes
  • Panel builds
  • Electrical components
  • Metal equipment housing
  • Metal mounting brackets


Wire or cable kitting is used when multiple items are manufactured or produced and which need to be kept together as a set of materials or components for product installation.

We carry a large inventory of stocked materials and components, and our wire kits are currently supplied across a variety of markets.

From simple spares packs with a number of fasteners and fixings enclosed to product installation assemblies that require crimped assemblies along with product manuals and instruction templates, this is a unique process that we offer, and one that is becoming increasingly desired by our customer base.

Configuration, bench testing and esd

Equipment Configuration

From our fully equipped facility we are able to offer configuration services for our client’s equipment. As with new projects some systems may require a level of alteration through the initial stages. Getting the latest configs onto the equipment before it is distributed to site can be integral to the commissioning of a system.

Bench testing

A test rig is created for each project so all equipment within a kit can be tested prior to leaving the facility. This forms part of our quality management system and reduces risk of down time from the onsite installation. Every electrical component can be tested: power supply, network switch, router etc.

electrostatic sensitive device (esd) protected area

Within our facility we have created an Electrostatic Protected Area (EPA). Our EPA is fully equipped with the control systems/items required to minimise the chance of damaging ESD sensitive devices.


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