17x Modification – Remote Condition Monitoring

17x Modification – Remote Condition Monitoring

Key Points

The installation of Instrumentel’s Remote Condition Monitoring system & additional modifications for Arriva Train Care on Cross Country Trains. 

  • 17x Cross Country Fleet 
  • Customer: Arriva Train Care, 
  • Other parties: Instrumentel, Cross Country Trains, Porterbrook

Project Overview

Our Engineering division (Dynamic Engineering) was contracted to install various modifications on to class 17X units for Arriva Train Care at their Bristol Barton Hill Depot. These modifications ran amongst the C8 programmes that ATC was delivering. Our team modified/installed the following systems:

RCM (Remote Condition monitoring) – New system – Instrumentel

  • RCM allows the ROSCO/TOC to monitor connected systems remotely.  It has proven to be hugely beneficial for both planned and reactive maintenance activities.

Fire system modification – Modifying existing system

  • Modification to the Fire System in relation to an issue that was previously highlighted on this class of unit.

Cable upgrades – Modifying existing system

  • Modification to various cables whereby the cross sectional areas are being increased to allow for additional systems to be fitted

APSM (Auxiliary Power Supply Monitoring) – New system

  • Modification to an auxiliary power supply system that allows on board personnel to quickly see the health status of the system and are also connecting this system to the RCM system to allow remote monitoring.

Integration of an additional MOS vehicle into an existing 2 car unit

  • The upgrading of the WiFi systems on the additional MOS vehicle systems to ensure that it is compatible with the parent driving vehicles.


Due to the nature of the C8 program and the intrusive work of the additional modifications, working space on the train was at a premium because of the amount of staff required to be on the train at any one time. 

Additionally, there was a 6 week break in the project because of the closure of the depot.


Efficient workflow processes were created to allow all parties reasonable access to the areas they required while also keeping individuals safe . Maintaining a clear line of communication and building a good working relationship with depot staff., we were able to manage the schedule of the engineers around the depot. having a rotation of 8 staff with a core team who are all trained and competent in fitting RCM systems helped things run smoothly.

The Results

Even with unexpected signalling delays the team managed to complete the project without any delays.. This meant all project units were completed on time and within budget, fitting remote condition monitoring along with other modifications specific to each vehicle.

Company Comments

Sequential Dynamics were very professional in their approach from their project management team through to the engineers on site. They were able to deliver a fixed price project on time as well as double their installation programme, working simultaneously across two depots.

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